Call for submissions: Berlin Stories for NPR Berlin radio

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BERLIN STORIES is a radio series for american national public radio worldwide (NPR) of original pieces by english-language writers about berlin, germany and german culture.

Each piece is about 500 words long, or 3 minutes spoken, and  read aloud by the writer in his or her own voice. As far a subject is concerned, it is a wide open assignment, as long as it has something to do with Berlin. It can be a vignette about something you experienced there, a person you once met, a colourful story from your family history, something you read, the view of the country from afar, your favourite recipe etc. the most important thing is that
the story come from you, be in your style, and feel true to you. It is required that writers have enough of an understanding of English to read aloud clearly. But if you prefer to write in German, we can translate it for you and then edit the piece together.

The  best pieces will be very specific and focused on a point that might be read as a larger statement--metaphorically--but not attempting grand reportage. It's a tight format but it can really make a impact. For more
information, please visit our website where it is possible to stream the pieces anytime:

NPR listeners buy lots of books! The idea of this series is to introduce American listeners to a wide range of german literature. It's a great, collective project. We very much look forward to hearing from you. Please send story ideas


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