Berlin senator tells cash strapped citizens to don knitwear

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Controversial Berlin finance senator Thilo Sarrazin has come forward with a solution to rising energy prices, saying people should wear extra layers to keep warm

Berlin -- Berlin's finance senator Thilo Sarrazin (SPD) has advised consumers to turn down the heating in their homes and to put on a "thick umper" in order to cope with rising energy prices. Sarazin told the Rheinischer Post newspaper that the only effective measure against drastic oil and gas price rises was to save energy.

"When energy prices are as high as the rent, people will have to consider whether or not they can live comfortably in a room at 15 or 16 degrees with a thick jumper." said Sarrazin

He went on to say that it was the "desired effect" if higher energy prices reduced demand

A subsidised tarif for those in financial need, as has been promoted by environment minister Sigmar Gabriel, has been ruled out by Sarrazin.


"Recipients of the second level of unemployment benefits will receive a fuel rebate, aside from that I see no need for negotiation."

Sarrazin is well known for his contentious outbursts In February  he present a three-day diet plan on which he claimed recipients of benefits could live a healthy life for only 3 euro 76 euro a day and still save.


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