Bayer hit by lawsuit over pregnancy test: report

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Bayer Shering Pharma, a unit of the German chemicals group Bayer, has been hit by a lawsuit over a pregnancy test that allegedly caused birth defects, Der Spiegel reported Saturday.

The lawsuit was brought by a 34-year-old Bavarian man who claims that his birth defects were caused by the Duogynon pregnancy test produced by Schering during the 1970s, and who is seeking compensation from the company.

The test was in the form of medication which was used to check for pregnancy.

Bayer Schering denies any connection between birth defects and use of Duogynon and believes that there are no grounds for a case, according to the weekly.

Around one thousand children with various birth defects were born to women who used Duogynon, according to Der Spiegel, but an investigation into the drug was halted in 1980 and lawsuits by parents failed.

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