Young reporter gets inside scoop from German foreign minister

22nd November 2008, Comments 0 comments

Germany's globe trotting Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier received more than he bargained for answering the questions of a twelve-year-old reporter.

Bangalore -- Sometimes, children just ask more probing questions.

As he faces such issues as the global financial crisis, Iran's nuclear programme and pirates off the coast of Somalia, Germany's Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier was clearly disarmed by a 12-year-old reporter’s questions on homesickness and having a favourite foreign land.

This week, Berliner Antonia Dolla became the first child to travel with the official delegation of the German minister during his three day trip to India.

Antonia is a reporter for the German television network ZDF's children's news show. Although she was accompanied by a producer, cameraman and her mother, she was able to ask the all important questions on the trip to New Delhi and Bangalore.

Homesickness? No, said Steinmeier. His work is too hectic and his trips too short for him to get a bad case.

Favourite country? The diplomat proved diplomatic and couldn't be pinned down although he admitted that he liked travelling to the United States and Africa had made a deep impression on him.

"What my favourite country is, I don't really know," he said. "It's the variety."

He also gave Antonia a scoop on a tour of the VIP cabin of his plane, admitting that it had a bed because "otherwise, you'd fall asleep in meetings."


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