"We are the Pope" - German press hails choice of Ratzinger

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"We are the Pope" - German press hails choice of Ratzinger 20 April 2005

"We are the Pope" - German press hails choice of Ratzinger
20 April 2005

HAMBURG - The Vatican's election of Joseph Ratzinger as the new pope was hailed in the press in his home country Germany on Wednesday, with commentaries tinged both with some patriotic pride as well as caution about his conservative views.

The tabloid Bild, known for its sensationalism, devoted the entire front page with a picture of the new Pope Benedict XVI and the massive headline: "We are the Pope!".

"Our Joseph Ratzinger is Benedict XVI...it is the sensation of a millennium," the Bild's front page also proclaimed, while noting that the 78-year-old is the first German to head the Holy See in 482 years.

While the tabloid was predictably sensationalist in its edition, even the conservative Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung covered the top half of its front page with a story and - an extremely rare event for the newspaper - with a photograph of Ratzinger.

The FAZ's headline was more factual: "Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger is Benedict XVI".

The FAZ front-page commentary said the fact that "Ratzinger is from Germany, the country which in the history of the Church remains the one of the Reformation, did not go against him, but rather for him. Ratzinger is the counter-Reformation in person - not with fire and sword, but with the power of the spirit."

The Die Welt newspaper top-page headline was "A German becomes Pope", with a front-page commentary starting by saying that "Christians in Germany could not have received a higher honour (and) Europe could not have been granted greater weight".

But the commentary also said "many in Europe won't be pleased by the election, for isn't Ratzinger a conservative?" Die Welt said this was actually a cliché and that by choosing him, the Church has shown "that it is firmly settled in its foundations and is able to react to dramatic changes. Benedict XVI will see to it that this remains so".


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