US Army units to stay longer in Germany

20th December 2007, Comments 0 comments

Two US Army brigades will stay in Germany two years longer than originally scheduled as the United States realign military forces which were put in place after the Cold War, Pentagon officials say.

20th December 2007

President George W Bush has approved the plan, which calls for one of the units to return to the US in 2012 and a second in 2013, Army vice chief of staff General Richard Cody said.

The two brigade combat teams are based at Baumholder and Schweinfurt in western Germany - bases set up during the Cold War to deter a Soviet attack across the Iron Curtain.

The Pentagon is reducing forces in Western Europe as part of a multi-year global overhaul of US military strategy.

But General John Craddock, the top US military commander in Europe, had voiced concern that the earlier drawdown plans would cut troop strength on the continent too quickly to properly carry out missions in fighting terrorism and working with US military allies in the region.


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