Time running out to end Ukraine 'madness', Germany warns

25th April 2014, Comments 1 comment

Germany's foreign minister warned Friday time is running out to end the "madness" in Ukraine, where tensions are soaring in what Kiev says is a Russian bid to trigger a "third world war".

Frank-Walter Steinmeier was on a trip to Tunisia with his French counterpart Laurent Fabius, and both called for a "de-escalation" of a crisis that has seen Ukraine's army launch a major offensive to dislodge pro-Moscow gunmen.

"There is not much time to end this madness," Steinmeier warned at a news conference in Tunis, shortly after Ukraine's interim prime minister accused Russia of seeking to trigger a "third world war".

"All sides must come back to their senses," he said, pointing to those "in conflict within Ukraine and those who support them from outside."

Kiev and Washington accuse Moscow of backing the pro-Russian insurgents -- a charge the Kremlin flatly denies.

Fabius, meanwhile, said Paris and Berlin were making a joint call for a "de-escalation" of the crisis.

Russia, Ukraine, the United States and European Union last week signed a deal meant to ease tensions in the former Soviet republic.

But a week on, this deal has all but failed as pro-Russian militants continue to occupy key buildings in the southeast of Ukraine and tensions soar sky high.

The rebels staged a brazen attack Friday on a Ukrainian military helicopter on the tarmac in the east, blowing it up with a rocket-propelled grenade. The pilot was wounded.

Kiev meanwhile announced its forces were seeking to "blockade" rebels inside the flashpoint town of Slavyansk to prevent more militants arriving, a day after its commandos made a brief incursion into the town, killing a 22-year-old insurgent.

Russia has responded by ordering its troops massed on Ukraine's border to launch a new military exercise.

The tense situation has triggered an increasingly strident war of words between Russia and the United States, amid concerns it could evolve into outright war.

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  • Timothy D. Naegele posted:

    on 26th April 2014, 00:10:51 - Reply

    Germans must never forget that as the Soviets moved through Germany at the end of World War II, they raped at least two million German women in what is now acknowledged as the largest case of mass rape in history.

    I had a secretary who grew up in Berlin, and was a young girl when it happened. She said that she had seen things no human being should ever experience.

    Surely, there are Germans alive today who remember this, or have learned of such barbarism.

    Putin is Stalin's heir, who learned his craft well as a KGB operative in East Germany—or the DDR—which was one of the most repressive regimes in the Soviet Union’s orbit, or the Evil Empire. He must be crushed now. No mercy should be shown to him.

    Ukraine's deputy foreign minister Danylo Lubkivsky fears an imminent Russian invasion, which will mean more bloodshed by dictator-for-life Putin.

    It is not generally understood that America’s “Financial Neutron Bomb” exists, much less what it does or its devastating effects on Putin and Russia—which have begun already. It is unleashed unilaterally by the United States; no other nation’s approval is required.

    See http://naegeleblog.wordpress.com/2010/02/09/russias-putin-is-a-killer/#comment-4452 ("Decimating Putin: America’s Financial Neutron Bomb") (see also the article itself, as well as the other comments beneath it)

    It is fully capable of crushing Putin and his colleagues, and he knows this. He is playing Russian roulette; and with each day, the chances of his survival diminish.

    To prevent history from repeating itself—with more land grabs by Putin, and even greater bloodshed, torture and other brutalities—Barack Obama, the United States, Germany and the West have no other choice except to crush Putin or history will repeat itself.

    For those who argue that we do not want World War III, or “boots on the ground,” the answer is that both will occur—and the 21st Century may be bloodier than the 20th Century—unless Putin is crushed now.

    Yes, these are sobering words and ideas, but the consequences of not stopping Putin, and crushing him, will be horrendous.