The Auto-Chancellor

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Following an intiative by the German government, European environment ministers opted on October 14 to postpone sine die, a vote on stricter rules for CO2 emissions from passenger cars, which mainly targeted large German saloon cars, explains Handelsblatt. “

 The Auto-Chancellor

"The car industry can count on [Angela] Merkel," remarks the daily, which notes the extent to which politics and the car industry lobby are closely linked in Germany -

The Auto-ChancellorThe postponement is a success for Merkel, who has given German industry the breather that major car makers had persistently demanded. A government listing, which has been seen by Handelsblatt, shows the intensity of contact between government and the car industry bosses. During the last administration, car company CEOs made 65 visits to the Chancellor's office - a personal service that has not been unfavourable to them.

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