Schroeder faces egg-throwing reform protestors

24th August 2004, Comments 0 comments

Schroeder faces egg-throwing reform protestors

Schroeder faces egg-throwing reform protestors

24 August 2004

BERLIN - German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder on Tuesday narrowly escaped being pelted with eggs thrown by protesters angry over government cuts to jobless benefits.

Schroeder was confronted with several hundred demonstrators while visiting the economically hard hit eastern German city Wittenberge.

The eggs missed Schroeder but struck several reporters who were travelling with him.

Former German chancellor Helmut Kohl was hit by eggs on several visits to eastern Germany during the early 1990s. In Halle in 1991 Kohl's bodyguards were almost unable to hold back the burly German leader who lunged at an egg thrower and tried to punch him.

There have been large demonstrations each Monday during the past month over Schroeder's unemployment benefit reform which reduces the length of time full funds can be drawn and for the first time introduces means testing.

On Monday about 70,000 people took part in nationwide protests against the reform known as "Hartz IV", down from 90,000 demonstrators last week.


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