Russians beating Germans in "towel war"

6th February 2008, Comments 0 comments

In the ongoing struggle between Germans and Brits to bag a place in the sun, the Russians are moving in.

London -- The Russians are the "new Germans" when it comes to bagging the best place in the sun around the pool and on the beach, a British travel website has claimed. said Eastern European sun-seekers were resorting to paying hotel staff to reserve the best deckchairs, posing a serious challenge to British and German tourists.

"The battle for Europe's sunbeds will be more intense than ever this summer as the Russians establish themselves as the most prominent outbound tourism market in Europe," said John Bevan, managing director of

The company said that the collapse of Communism in Russia had led to the growing Russian middle class spending their new and increasing wealth on holidays.

In the past, British tourists had to contend with Germans getting up at the crack of dawn to reserve the best sunbathing positions with their towels, said the company.

"However, the Russians employ a far brasher strategy by flashing their new-found wealth and paying hotel staff to reserve them the best beds - making them very popular with the hard-working employees."

The company said Turkey, Egypt, Spain, Italy and Greece were the favourite destinations for Russians. Turkey was now so popular with tourists from the former Soviet Union that hotel cabarets in many Turkish hotels were performed in Russian, with nightclubs playing Russian pop music.

DPA with Expatica

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