Racial attack in Berlin: Man pushed in front of a train

3rd March 2008, Comments 3 comments

The victim scrambled out of its path just in time.

Berlin -- A 20-year-old woman yelled racial slurs and pushed a dark-skinned man into the path of an oncoming train in Berlin on Sunday, German police said.

The victim, 19, was able to jump up from the tracks in time, helped by two people waiting in the capital's Frankfurterstrasse mass transit train station.

The train braked, but its driver said the man would have been run over if he had not scrambled to safety.

The woman was arrested. A hate-crimes unit of the city police was preparing attempted murder charges against her.

The attack came only hours after a man became violent when he was told to stop molesting girls in a mass transit train. The assailant swung himself up by a hand rail and kicked a 44-year-old male passenger at head height.

The Berlin murder squad was hunting the suspect, described as of Mediterranean appearance and filmed Saturday on security cameras. The victim was in hospital with serious but not critical head injuries.

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  • Ken James posted:

    on 3rd March 2008, 21:01:02 - Reply

    What a shame. I, as a Black American, have enjoyed visiting cities throughout Germany; however, with the increase in hate crimes I intend to modify my visits.
  • Fred posted:

    on 3rd March 2008, 17:58:45 - Reply

    Pity the poor germans. They encouraged immigration from other poorer cultures to make money from them and now they are stuck with the resentment these foreigners elicit from many germans who are not happy with the result. Its a problem that will take generations to solve.
  • Withheld for own safety posted:

    on 3rd March 2008, 15:56:43 - Reply

    What does one crime have to do with the other? All foreigners in Germany are not criminals, and to react in such a manner using one crime (a possible molestation) committed by persons unknown to justify another (attempted murder) is scary to say the least. We are seeing a growing revival of Germany's darkest past.