Police interview 64 after assault on Indians

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Police interview 64 after assault on Indians

28 August 2007

Muegeln, (dpa) - German police said Tuesday they had interviewed 64 witnesses in connection with the racist assault carried out by a mob of youths on eight Indians in the eastern town of Muegeln 10 days ago.

Further witnesses were still needed a police spokesman said. "Come forward, tells us what you saw and in this way demonstrate civil courage," he said.

A special police post is to remain open in the town at least until the end of the week.

The incident in Muegeln on August 18, in which some 50 youths chased eight Indian men into a pizzeria owned by one of them, drew international attention and provoked outrage in Germany.

A series of other racist assaults have since come to light.

On Monday, police in the western city of Mainz said that two right-wing extremists had confessed to beating up two Africans.

They were arrested after a Sudanese and an Egyptian were attacked after a wine festival in the village of Guntersblum, near Mainz on the same day as the Muegeln assault. The Sudanese was hospitalized for several days.

In a series of attacks late Friday evening, a man from Ghana and an Iraqi were assaulted and racially abused in two separate incidents while a mob went on the rampage in another town.

The 36-year-old Iraqi was beaten with a baseball bat by a man who set his dog on him at a tram stop in the eastern city of Magdeburg. Police said Monday they were looking for a suspected right-wing extremist in connection with the assault.

Two men were questioned in the western city of Braunschweig on Monday after a 49-year-old Ghanaian was beaten up in what police said might have been a racially motivated attack or a drug-related incident.

Police said one of those involved had links to the right-wing scene.

In another incident on Friday evening, a mob of about 40 young men went on the rampage at a fair in the eastern town of Buetzow, smashing stalls and pelting police with bottles.

Police said members of local right-wing groups were involved in the rampage, which also targeted a snack bar operated by a Pakistani who has lived in the town since 2002.

"I was afraid for my life," Mahmood Saqib told Deutsche Presse- Agentur dpa. The mob also shouted anti-Turkish slogans, said Saqib, who was in his flat above the premises at the time.

The incidents rekindled calls for a ban on the extreme right-wing National Democratic Party (NPD), which is represented in the regional parliaments of two of the eastern states where the attacks occurred.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has led German politicians in condemning the attack in Muegeln as "extremely grim and shameful."


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