Norwegian navy discover British World War II destroyer

10th March 2008, Comments 0 comments

The location is considered a war grave.

Oslo -- A team from the Norwegian navy have located a British destroyer that sank during World War II off the northern port of Narvik, the navy said.

HMS Hunter was one of several vessels that went down during the April 10, 1940 battle of Narvik, a strategic port used to ship iron ore from Sweden to Germany.

The wreck was discovered at a depth of 305 meters below the sea surface on the bottom of the Ofotfjord, the navy said.

In all 95 of the 145-strong crew died when the HMS Hunter went down after sustaining severe damage from German gunfire and colliding with its sister vessel HMS Hotspur. German forces picked up the 50 survivors.

HMS Hunter was discovered by the Norwegian vessel KNM Tyr that for some weeks has conducted winter maneuvers in the fjord, including testing a new echo sounder.

"We searched the area where HMS Hunter most likely was located and found it after 14 hours," navy lieutenant Tom Thorgrimsen, commander of the KNM Tyr, said.

After detecting the wreck, the crew used a remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) to establish the identity of the HMS Hunter by taking photos of the vessel's crest.

The location would be considered a war grave and a memorial ceremony was due later this week with the British navy.

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