Mother arrested after bodies found in freezer

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In another grisly infanticide case, a mother has been arrested after the bodies of three newborn babies were discovered in her freezer. She has admitted to disposing of the bodies.

Wenden -- A son searching for a pizza in the family freezer found the bodies of three newborn babies instead, leading to the arrest of his mother, German police said on Monday.

Police said the woman, aged 44, faced manslaughter charges after admitting to disposing of the bodies at her home in the north-west German state of North Rhine-Westphalia in the 1980s.

Prosecutors said the babies appeared to have been alive at the time of their birth. They were found wrapped in bloodstained towels and covered with newspapers, one dating back to December 1988.

The woman lived with her 47-year-old electrician husband and three children aged 18-24 in a detached house in the quiet village of Wenden. Neighbours described the family as polite and reserved.

There have been a series of cases in Germany of parents killing their newborn children. Last month a court upheld a 15-year jail term for a mother in east Germany who let eight of her babies die and buried the bodies in plant pots.

Police said the latest case came to light on Saturday when the woman's son and his older sister were looking for a pizza in the basement freezer of the family home.

The son chanced on the bodies when he decided to clean out the freezer because it was full of food for which the use-by date had long expired.

The boy and his sister confronted their parents when they returned home from a weekend holiday on Sunday. They then went to the local police station to report the matter.

Police said the family was traumatised and in a state of shock. "The woman was sobbing and shaking when she made her statement," chief investigator Herbert Fingerhut told a news conference.

Police said none of the family members appeared to have known about the babies. Neighbours expressed surprise that the husband had been unaware of his corpulent wife's three pregnancies.

Police said an autopsy was being carried out on the bodies.

In an unrelated case, a drug-addict father is currently on trial in Bremen, accused of beating to death his two-year-old adopted son and stuffing his body in a refrigerator.


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