Merkel says saving Greece in Germany's interest: media

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Rescuing Greece from economic collapse is in Germany's best interests, Chancellor Angela Merkel told Sunday's edition of the Bild newspaper, after German lawmakers approved billions of euros in international aid for Athens.

Helping Greece is "in Germany's interests because measures are always taken with all of the euro zone in mind for the benefit of all members, including Germany," she told the newspaper.

"Obviously, I feel the scepticism of a lof of fellow citizens and I also understand this in part, because Greece has often disappointed its partners in the past years. A lot of things that were promised by the Greek government were not delivered," she said.

But "I am finally seeing a determination in the Greek government to reorganise the country from top to bottom and to give it a modern structure. Germany will help with advice and actions," she added.

Merkel on Friday secured the vote from German lawmakers to release 43.7 billion euros ($56.9 billion) in aid to debt-wracked Greece agreed after tortuous talks between eurozone finance ministers.

In all, 473 deputies were in favour, with 100 against and 11 abstentions.

Merkel said the economy was "50 percent psychology" and said it was important not to rehash doomsday scenarios but to support Greece's gradual economic recovery.

"I will continue to do what is best for Germany and Europe, which is limiting the financial consequences and never taking unmanageable risks," she said, adding she would work with "all (her) strength to stabilise and reinforce the euro."

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