Man arrested for murder, attempted cannibalism

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Homeless man arrested for murder, attempted cannibalism

28 August 2007

Vienna (dpa) - Austrian police on Tuesday arrested at a homeless shelter a young man accused of murdering and cutting open a fellow homeless man for the suspected purpose of eating him, the Austrian press agency reported.

The 19 year old from Germany apparently killed his 49-year-old Austrian roommate by hitting him over the head several times with a 10-kilo dumbbell.

He proceeded to cut open the victim's chest with a knife in several places, removing inner organs and intestines, heaping them on a plate.

Police are investigating whether the man had tried to eat his victim.

Found in the blood-splattered room with his victim's blood around his mouth, the young man is believed by police to be mentally disturbed.

The murder, which had apparently been committed two or three days ago, was discovered by a caretaker at the shelter.


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