Jail terms for German neo-Nazi radio station

11th April 2011, Comments 15 comments

A court in Germany on Monday jailed nine men for operating and presenting a neo-Nazi Internet radio station and gave nine others suspended sentences.

The 18 defendants aged between 20 and 37 from around Germany were found guilty of disseminating far-right ideology, glorifying the Nazis and spreading racist and anti-Semitic propaganda.

Nine of them were given sentences ranging from one year and nine months to three years and three months, a spokesman for the court in Koblenz, western Germany, told AFP.

The radio station, Widerstandradio (Radio Resistance), operated from July 2009 until authorities closed it down in November 2010.

"The entire radio station, as well as contributions to (online) forums, were recognisably far-right and were aimed at spreading National Socialist ideology," prosecutors said in their January indictment.

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  • Simon London posted:

    on 14th April 2011, 00:23:39 - Reply

    Once again, the Jews who rule Germany punish thoughtcrime.

  • Mannstein posted:

    on 13th April 2011, 19:03:20 - Reply

    Unfortunately, the International Judeo Bolshevik clique has won out once again.
  • Magnus Volk posted:

    on 13th April 2011, 02:35:52 - Reply

    Based on current demographic trends, there will be no majority white countries left by 2100.

    Your tax dollars pay for trillion dollar bailouts and trillion dollar wars that serve no national interest and you pay to subsidize the importation and breeding of aliens who will replace you.

    So, how's that communist-zionist victory working out for you?