Islamist calls for murder of German far-right party: media

20th May 2012, Comments 6 comments

A German Islamist is calling for the murder of members of a far-right party that regularly provokes ultra-conservative Muslims using cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, a newspaper reported.

According to an article due to appear Monday in the Tageszeitung daily, an Islamist from Bonn in western Germany has appeared in a video on an Islamic forum in which he encouraged "the killing of all activists from the Pro NRW party".

Members of the small extreme-right political party held a campaign event using anti-Islamic caricatures ahead of an election in Germany's most populous state North Rhine-Westphalia on May 13.

In his appeal, the Islamist urged the collection of personal information on Pro NRW members, including their home addresses and work schedules, with the goal of attacking them.

"We take this message seriously," an Interior Minister spokesman told the newspaper, which said the man had broadcast messages for the "Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan".

Several police were injured during recent clashes between Islamists and Pro NRW members.

The right-wing activists have for several years campaigned against the construction of mosques and have in some protests marched with cartoons of Mohammed that were initially published by a Danish newspaper in 2005, leading to a wave of violence and anger across the Muslim world.

Islam strictly prohibits the depiction of any prophet as blasphemous.

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  • kari neil posted:

    on 30th May 2012, 17:01:58 - Reply

    this is a wake-up call for all's time to take back the country from those who will destroy it,all illegals out! No more mosque's!No more immigration,no more EU!All liberal enablers sent packing to any middle eastern country that will accept the German refuse.
  • No Muslim slave posted:

    on 21st May 2012, 18:55:05 - Reply

    There have been MANY depictions of Mohammed in the Muslim world over the centuries, by Muslim artists.

    These cretins will use any excuse for bloodshed, because theirs is a RELIGION OF VIOLENCE. The "religion of peace" lie is just that.

    Germany had better start making their "far right party" much bigger, or they will be Islamized. Make no mistake about it. The younger German generation is idiotic.
  • Jesse posted:

    on 21st May 2012, 02:17:58 - Reply

    "Several police were injured during recent clashes between Islamists and Pro NRW members."
    A little misleading. 30 peacefull protesters and and the police were attacked by 300 violent muslims.
  • Jesse posted:

    on 21st May 2012, 02:14:21 - Reply

    So if you are blasphemous by drawing cartoons and object to mosques, you are considered a far right extremist. Nazism is far right extremism. Is this group of peacefull protesters with their cartoons actually being grouped with nazis?
  • Charles posted:

    on 20th May 2012, 23:36:01 - Reply

    You have resumed it very intelligently and I am also of the opinion that there exists a conspirancy to obliterate the white race through cross-breeding. It's time to wake up!
  • WhiteRabbit posted:

    on 20th May 2012, 22:22:47 - Reply

    There are no “anti-racists” in Black countries demanding to bring in millions of non-Blacks to “mix with” until there are no more Black children. There are no “anti-racists” in Asian countries demanding to bring in millions of non-Asians to “mix with” until there are no more Asian children. And “anti-racists” think they can get away with this in White countries? It’s genocide. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-White.