Groundbreaking young theatre projects from Seoul

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Several young theatre projects have hit Berlin for an artists-in-residence to Berlin programme to bring the Korean theatre tradition into the 21st century.

Friday 28 January at 19:30h
Sunday 30 January at 15:30h
Tickets: 15  / 10 concessions / 6 children
day ticket for Sunday including 2 films: 18 / 13 concessions
Ignis fatuus RIN

part 1: conzert, dance, performance (1:30h)
Artists from all over the world cooperate in a real world theatre, based on Korean traditions.

part 2: Ignis fatuus RIN (1:00h)
shadow & mask theatre

The story is visualized through a play of light and shadow, capturing fleeting fantasy created by 'elf fire' and its shadow. The audience travels through time and space defined by visible-but-nonexistent shadows that vanish into the darkness and elf fire that feels familiar but increasingly evasive. Ignis fatuus RIN attempts to replace cardboard characters and their predictable movement in a traditional mask play. The script is based on the reinterpretation of Monk Manseok's Play. Through the play of animal masks, the essence of movement is explored as well as the notion of animal as god through the symbolic meaning of twelve zodiac animals. The group attempts to reinterpret traditional Korean shadow play through a modern approach, and redesign it by actively accommodating various elements of modern media. By discovering new artistic elements in old-styled play, the audience is invited to reassess a traditional Korean play and spirit in a new light.

produced by: Creative Group Noni

Saturday 29 January at 19:30h
admission free
Final Showing of the Workshops

Sunday 30 January at 19:00h
Tickets: 8,-
day ticket for Sunday including theatre: 18 / 13 concessions
Two films about Korean music traditions

Intangible Asset No. 82
directed by Emma Franz, 90 min., Australia/South Korea 2009, documentary

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