Greek far-left group urges attacks during EU presidency

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A Greek far-left group on Tuesday claimed responsibility for a strafing attack against the German ambassador's residence in Athens and called for more attacks during Greece's EU presidency.

"The six-month Greek presidency of the EU offers important opportunities. Let us exploit them," the People's Fighter Group said in a 20-page tract sent to a Greek satirical newspaper.

"We must carry out without delay an anti-capitalist, anti-European campaign of armed attacks, protests and clashes," it said.

The group said it had fired at the German ambassador's residence in December in a counter-attack against the "barbarity of capitalism".

The shooting occurred at around 3:30 am (0130 GMT) when German ambassador Wolfgang Dold was inside the residence in the north of the Greek capital.

Police recovered around 60 spent casings from two Kalashnikov assault rifles fired at the building by apparently four assailants. No one was injured.

The group said it was dedicating the December strike to a Greek pensioner who committed suicide in central Syntagma Square in 2012 to protest against the government's austerity policies.

"Whilst strafing the German ambassador's hyper-luxurious villa, we imagined having at our side the thousands standing in line at soup kitchens for a plate of food," the tract said.

"This is our war, against the war declared on us by the elite," it said.

The same group in January 2013 fired a Kalashnikov rifle at the headquarters of Greece's ruling New Democracy party, also without injuring anyone.

The Greek government is battling a resurgence in extremist activity at a time when the country is holding the EU presidency and struggling to emerge from a crippling recession.

Anti-German sentiment has been on the rise in Greece in recent years over EU paymaster Germany's perceived role in pushing for severe austerity measures in return for the country's 240 billion euro ($324 billion) bailout.

In the tract, the group said it had also attempted to hit a Mercedes-Benz office in north Athens "as part of an initiative against the German capitalist machine".

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