Germany to seek court ruling on damages for Nazi massacres

3rd November 2008, Comments 1 comment

Berlin plans to argue before The Hague court that sovereign actions by countries, including those of their armed forces, are protected under international law by sovereign immunity.

Berlin -- Germany plans to contest an Italian court ruling in order to head off new claims for damages arising from Nazi atrocities during World War II, officials said this weekend.

"The government intends to obtain a clarification on the issue from the International Court of Justice," a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said in Berlin.

German news magazine Der Spiegel said Berlin planned to argue before The Hague court that sovereign actions by countries, including those of their armed forces, are protected under international law by sovereign immunity.

Diplomats fear that the floodgates would otherwise be opened for "legal claims against historical injustice," in other countries as well.

That would lead to "legal uncertainty around the globe," Der Spiegel quoted the diplomats as saying.

Germany's intended action arises from an Oct. 21 ruling by a Rome court that Germany should pay nine families damages of 1 million euros (1.3 million dollars) for relatives killed when Nazi soldiers massacred 203 people at Civitella in northern Italy in June 1944.

Der Spiegel said 51 similar cases were pending in Italy.

Germany earlier called the verdict "unacceptable" and said it would not pay personal damages for Nazi atrocities because it has already paid reparations to Italy as a nation. Modern Germany accepted moral responsibility for war crimes committed in the name of Germany in Italy by the Nazis and desired a dialogue with survivors and relatives, Foreign Ministry spokesman. Jens Ploetner said.

However, financial compensation claims were closed under a 1961 treaty between Germany and Italy under which the German government paid 40 million marks to settle claims.


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  • flying tiger posted:

    on 3rd November 2008, 19:16:28 - Reply

    Seems as though Deutschland has not paid enough to the world noch. Germany paid for World One because Germany lost. But also the world opinion promulgated by the Zionest media and other Elitists that Germany was the cause of WWI. What could be further from the truth when anyone who would take a littse time and study they would find that WWI was caused by a shift in global control from the old ruling families, Hohenzollern, Hapsburg, Merovingian and others. Power went from the monarchies to the Bankers and Globalists, very rich people, buisinesses, and the big banks such as the Rothschilds. As is well known the Zionests Rothschild family of bankers funded all of the cobatant countries during WWI. They and Herzl made a deal with the British to get America in the war against Germany and return the Zionests would get land from the British Commonwealth areas in the mid east and that would be Israel. So WWI was not truly fought because of Arch-Duke Ferdinand being assinated but was a trumped cause and disinformation which was used to divert the real reason from the people who would have to fight and die because of Bolshivism. By the way, I wonder how many of all of you know that the Jews claimed that Six million of them were killed during WWI?
    World War Two and Germany sees their Fatherland being taken over by the bolsheviks. They are infiltrating the Unions, the government institutions and they are acquiring ownership of the media, all aspects of it, kind of like what is going on in America right now November 3, 2008. Most Germans are starving and are destitute because of Vderalilles and the loss of their businesses and industries and the Wdeimar Republic is either unable to do anything about the plight of the Deutsache Volk or they are in chaoots with the enemies of Germany. So, a Ironcross winner of WWI sees what is transpiring and is enraged that the German government and German Elite would allow thde people of Germany to be treated as the worst criminals of the earth. Hitler decides that something must be done and instead of sitting around and talking about what to do he does it. The Natioinal Socialists Worker's party is formed out of a benign group to become the leaders of Germany. The Germans thought they had worked aut a settlement and in fact did have a treaty worked out with Poland to solve the Danzig Corridor problem and to the satisfaction of both parties. Germany also thought that they had a deal worked out with England and more precisely with the royalty of England that England would be neutral to any attempt of Germany to reestablish their former boarders. This was also a reflection of Hitler's admiration of the British Empire and the need to keep the British Empire in power to provide a stabalizing factor throughout the rest of the world to avoid what happened after the Ottoman Empire collapsed. As you well know this plan of Hitler was trashed buy the Great Winny Jacobson Churchill and others. They promised the Polish that they would come to their aid if Germany tried to do anything about the Danzig Coridor situation and to reject the hard earned agreement between Poland and Gdermany as to that Danzig Corridor. Poland rejected the treaty and Germany invaded and England declared war. This was a setup in order to have a reason for the Western Christian countries to fight christian Germany along side the Godless Russian Bolsheviks who already murdered in one fashion or another one hundred million Christians.
    So we have Germany mostly alone against the world and propaganda claiming that Hitler wants to take over the world with a nation of eighty million people and which country had just lost Four million soldiers jus twenty years before. So not only could germany not take over the word but they could not afford to massacre any people En-Masse because they needed every living body they could scrape up to fight and to work in the factories and to keep up the infrastructure of the country.
    By the way, is there anyone calling for reparations to be paid for or to the hunsreds of thousand German civilians purposly targeted during bombing raids by the British and the atrocities committed by the Russians against the German civilians? I think not. Everyone will stand up for Godless Bolshevism but not one bit for Christian germany. Beware, Bolshevism is alive and well and has its sights on the whole world and right now on America in the form of Barak Obama and the ultra left zionist Democratic Party.