Germany goes healthy

26th May 2008, Comments 0 comments

The German government is considering encouraging Germans in schools to lead a healthier lifestyle

Berlin -- The German government is considering handing out free fruit in schools as part of an anti-obesity campaign, according to an official document obtained on Sunday.

The idea is part of proposals to balance up Germans' diets and encourage them to take more exercise.

Survey data taken in January showed that two thirds of German males aged 18 to 80 were overweight and about half of German females also weighed too much. People become fat as they grow old, with the overweight rate among children and youth just 15 per cent.

The study confirmed that poor, lower class people were much more likely to be fat, while rich, higher class Germans have trim figures.

A government campaign would encourage company canteens to offer healthier food, and authorities would subsidise giveaways of milk and fruit in schools to train children in healthy eating, according to the proposals.

The one third of Germans who never exercise would be encouraged to move more, said the paper from the health and consumer affairs ministries.

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