Germans remember 20 years' access to Stasi archives

2nd January 2012, Comments 1 comment

Twenty years after Germany opened the former East Germany's secret police files, the extent of the country's internal espionage is still astonishing. Some were shocked by what they found, others relieved.

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  • Dallas Clark posted:

    on 2nd January 2012, 22:45:18 - Reply

    Those were difficult times as it made no difference if one was guilty of
    something against the state or not, the individual would pay, probably
    some informants took part to enhance their own status or well being or
    for their own protection. Its horriable that such doccuments exhisted or even created. Lives were ruined by lies and misinformation. QUESTION:
    Is it possible that such activity exhists today here and there around the world? I think so!