German pensioner drove for 51 years without licence: police

11th August 2010, Comments 0 comments

German police stopped a 79-year-old man for veering into the wrong lane in his car only to learn he had his driving licence withdrawn half a century ago, authorities said Wednesday.

Officers in the western city of Oberhausen asked to see his licence after the man steered into the oncoming lane while pulling into a grocery store car park.

The pensioner handed over his identity card and car registration but said he had lost the driving licence.

"A preliminary investigation revealed that the 79-year-old had his licence withdrawn," police said in a statement.

"Computer records from the Federal Motor Transport Authority showed that he was banned from driving until June 2031. That is one day before his 100th birthday."

The man, whose name was not released, had his licence revoked in 1959 for drunk driving. When he repeatedly took to the roads anyway, a judge stripped him of his permission to drive for the next 72 years.

A police spokesman told AFP he would likely face a fine and strict enforcement of his driving ban.

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