German-language terrorist bomb construction website still active

1st May 2008, Comments 0 comments

An internet address offering instructions on how to make a terrorist bomb is still active despite efforts of German police.

Dusseldorf -- German police have failed to shut down an internet address which offers an instructional film on how to make a terrorist bomb, a German television channel charged on Wednesday.

A Dusseldorf court trying a Lebanese student for a bomb plot has been told Youssef al-Hajj Dib, 23, and an accomplice used the video to plan their bid to blow up two German trains. The two bombs were planted in July 2006 but failed to detonate.

SWR television said the 12-minute video was still downloadable from the same server, with the identical file name and size as before, although the original web page leading to them had been taken down.

Now another German-language web page pointed the way to the video.

Duscha Gmel, a German federal prosecutor, was quoted by SWR saying, "De facto, it is difficult to prohibit bomb instructions on the internet." She said the files could easily be renamed and moved to multiple sites.


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