German jewel thieves stage multi-million-euro heist

28th January 2009, Comments 0 comments

Robbers reportedly rappelled into KaDeWe, one of Europe's biggest department stores, through a skylight, in a spectacular heist.

Berlin -- Robbers have pulled off a daring heist in Berlin's best-known department store, stealing jewelry reportedly worth up to 5 million euros (6.5 million dollars).

The raid occurred over the weekend at the huge, upmarket KaDeWe store. The robbers appear to have gotten around burglar alarms, as the theft was not discovered until Monday morning, a police spokesman said.

The robbers are thought to have rappelled into the shop, one of Europe's biggest department stores, through a skylight after hauling themselves up one of the awnings on the ground floor.

The bandits made off with diamonds and Gucci watches amongst other things, according to press reports.

"The fact that they didn't set off any alarms shows that this was a professional job," mass circulation daily Bild cited an unnamed investigator as saying.


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