German court suspends jail term for riot attack on Indians

17th July 2008, Comments 1 comment

German man has sentence suspended for racist attack on group of Indians

Berlin -- A Leipzig court converted an eight-month jail term passed on a German man for a racially-motivated mob attack on a group of Indians last year to a suspended sentence on Wednesday.

The 23-year-old man, identified only as as Frank D, received the sentence for his role in the mob assault on the Indians in the eastern German town of Muegeln on August 19th last year following a street party in the town.

In December he was convicted of incitement and damage to property.

The attack by about 50 men during a town festival made headlines around the world. Three other Germans were fined for their role in the violence. Prosecutors said they did not have enough evidence to charge four further suspects.

The mob chased the Indians across a street from the festival and broke windows at a pizza parlour where they took refuge.

Reports of the attack caused outrage in Germany and India. The incident provoked soul searching in Germany about a long series of racist incidents, mainly in the eastern states that once formed communist East Germany.


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  • donbacardi posted:

    on 19th July 2008, 19:22:38 - Reply

    Unbelievable ! This is just outrageous. Only in Germany can you get away with this B.S.