Fierce jellyfish spread in Baltic Sea

1st August 2008, Comments 0 comments

Aggressive jellyfish attacks bathers at Baltic sea

Poel -- A jellyfish which causes excruciating pain when it stings has been attacking bathers this week in the Baltic Sea, life-savers said on Thursday on the German offshore island of Poel.

The lion's mane jellyfish, scientific name Cyanea capillata, normally inhabits the North Sea, but sometimes drifts with the tides around Denmark into the Baltic, where the beaches are currently crowded during summer holidays.

Lutz Postel, a marine biologist at the Balic Sea Studies Institute in Warnemuende, Germany, said the creatures sighted were isolated ones and not in swarms. Life-savers on Poel said they treated 25 bathers on Tuesday for stings.


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