Expat Berlin: Literary News for January

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Three poems by Berlin-based poet Richard Toovey appeared in Poetry Salzburg
Review #16 (http://www.poetrysalzburg.com/), and Poetry Hearings Curator
Catherine Hales turns up too, with several translations of Norbert Hummelt’s

New work online by Berlin-based poet Alistair Noon

Poems: http://www.nthposition.com/europeanfootballamp.php
Poem: http://www.pulse-berlin.com/index.php?id=182

The Paris-based Upstairs at Duroc: Issue # 11 will be in print in January 2010
and features work from the following writers and artists:-

Alice K. Boatwright, Timothy Bradford, Beverley Bie Brahic, Randall Brown, Kim
Chinquee, Jon Cone, Carrie Crow, Jay Deshpande, Jennifer K. Dick, Lauren Elkin,
Lucas Farrell, Adam Fieled, Bonny Finberg, Gabe Foreman, John Freeman, Diane
Glover, Howie Good, Peter Hughes, Paul Kavanagh, klipschutz, Christophe Lamiot
Enos, Max Lamour, Norman Lock, Davin Malasarn, Jérôme Mauche, Laura Mullen,
Carolie Parker, Michelle Naka Pierce, Mark Prejsnar, Rufo Quintavalle, Matt
Reeck, Stephen Reilly, Cooper Renner, Ryan Ridge, James Sanders, Yerra Sugarman,
Susana Sulic, Wayne Sullins, Todd Swift, Christophe Tarkos, Richard Toovey,
Lindsay Turner, George Vance, Sue Hammond West, Laurelyn Whitt, and Jonathan

The Attic: a new pdf of writing from Cologne-based Christopher Leary


New Berlin journal!

SAND, the upcoming English literary magazine are accepting submissions for its
Spring issue. send work to submissions@sandjournal.com by the end of January.
Short stories, poetry, photograpy, artwork... see website for submission
guidelines: sandjournal.com.


Ex-Berlin resident Pablo Capra’s LA based chapbook publisher Brass Tacks Press:


Bei Mir bist Du Strange

Playwriting Competition for Ten-Minute Plays

English Theatre Berlin is happy to announce its first ever 10-minute play
competition on the theme “English in Daily German Life,” to coincide with its 20th anniversary.

We invite authors with some relationship to Berlin to enter a 10-minute play
about the subject. A jury will select the five best plays. An up-and-coming
director will then work with a team of professional actors to bring them to life
as part of our special 20th anniversary program in June 2010. The playwright of
each selected play will receive a prize of 100 Euros.

You are interested? Go to ETB Homepage - 10-Minutes Plays

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