Egyptian woman killed in German court drama

4th July 2009, Comments 15 comments

The 32-year-old woman was killed in a court in Dresden before she could testify against her attacker.

Cairo -- A woman stabbed to death in a German court was an Egyptian who had sued her attacker after he insulted her for wearing the Islamic headscarf, Egyptian newspapers reported on Friday.

Marwa al-Sherbini, 32, who was killed in a court in Dresden on Wednesday, was the wife of Egyptian academic Elwi Ali Okaz who was also hurt in the incident and is now in critical condition in hospital, the state-owned Al-Akhbar reported.

The attacker stabbed Sherbini "shortly before she was to give evidence in an appeal lodged by the man against a conviction for insulting her over wearing the hijab," said the state-owned Egyptian Gazette.

The 28-year-old man, identified only as Axel W., was overpowered and was being investigated for manslaughter over the killing of the woman, a spokesman for the Dresden prosecutor's office said.

Magdi al-Sayed, press officer at the German embassy in Cairo, said the case was isolated and did not reflect German attitude towards Muslims.

"It is a criminal act -- it has nothing to do with persecution against Muslims," Sayed told the Gazette.


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  • Ginger posted:

    on 5th July 2009, 18:04:30 - Reply

    Why aren't the european reporters and newspapers talking about this story in the first person? All of the reports on line are from Egyptian reporters and newspapers. This did not happen in Egypt. It happened in Germany in a German Court, in front of German police and a German judge. Why is it that NONE of the German news outlets are speaking and reporting about what happened to this poor and precious mother? It is an outrage! I live in America and AM a white muslim american. It is so obvious that the Whte chrisitian and jewish societies only report anti muslim stories... they will never run stories like this. What kind of world are we living in? God bless you Marwa! May Allah hold you and your family in his hands.
    God has something for this man who took your life and the life of your unborn child.

    New York
  • mohamad fathalla posted:

    on 5th July 2009, 08:33:21 - Reply

    the criminal has been stabbing her for 8 minutes without any intervention from court security and when they started to take an action they shot her husband
    she was murdered in front of her 3 year old child
  • Mohamed Kamel posted:

    on 5th July 2009, 08:11:03 - Reply

    what a shame! this is not the 1st case and it won't be the last against Muslims... hail freedom of religion ... hypocrites !!