EU-mission says no evidence in Kosovo German spies case

18th May 2011, Comments 1 comment

The EU mission in Kosovo said Wednesday it had dismissed the case against three German spies suspected of bombing an international office in Pristina in 2008 for lack of evidence.

The case "was terminated by EULEX prosecutors," EU rule of law mission (EULEX) spokesman Blerim Krasniqi, told AFP.

He added that the prosecutors "having carried out a detailed examination, concluded that where was a lack of evidence".

In November 2008 police arrested three Germans suspected of detonating an explosive device at the International Civilian Office (ICO) building that also housed the office of the EU special envoy to Kosovo.

The explosion shattered the building's windows but caused no casualties.

The police at the time said surveillance videos showed the three acting together as one of them threw the dynamite-based explosive into the building and the other two kept watch.

Admitting that the three worked for the German foreign intelligence service, German parliamentary authorities denied their involvement in the attack, which is still covered with an aura of mystery.

German press reported that Berlin had failed to accredit the three agents, leaving their legal status in Kosovo unclear as governments usually register their intelligence people with foreign countries to ensure they are covered by diplomatic immunity.

Two weeks after their arrest a UN court that administered Kosovo's judiciary released the three spies, who immediately returned to Germany.

The case was later taken over by EULEX, which oversees Kosovo's rule of law area and deals with the most sensitive cases.

With the dropping of the case against the German agents the background of the attack or possible motives still remain unclear.

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  • Bekim mitrovica posted:

    on 18th May 2011, 16:47:13 - Reply

    This proves the incompetence of EULEX . Nazi BND agents tried to block the independence of Kosova by comitting e terrorist act. Germans failed just like they failed in their drive to annihilate entire groups of people during WWII.