Custody battle looms over Knut the polar bear

22nd February 2008, Comments 1 comment

A small provincial zoo wants a share of the earnings.

Berlin -- A court custody battle over Knut the polar bear is looming in Germany, with a small provincial zoo saying it wants a share of the animal star's million-dollar earnings.

The zoo in Neumuenster, north of Hamburg, owns Lars, the adult male that covered Knut's dam Tosca.

Zoo chief Peter Druewa said a 1999 contract specified that the first of every two litters belonged to Neumuenster. He said the society, which runs his small zoo would vote March 17 on whether to file suit against Berlin Zoo.

Knut won world fame after being hand-reared. The white cub frisked daily with a keeper for 108 days before becoming too big and dangerous to play with humans.

Berlin Zoo chief Bernhard Blaszkiewitz declined comment on the claim.

The zoo disclosed Wednesday that Knut franchising had earned it 750,000 euros (1.1 million dollars) last year and the bear had single-handedly increased its gate takings by 4.2 million euros.

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  • Sasi posted:

    on 29th March 2008, 23:52:58 - Reply

    I think Knut has been used to make money for the zoo and all the people that took advantage of it. And with the new Polar bear Flocke is coming, they will do the same thing to her when she gets older. Now Knut is older, they wanted to send him away and are making accusation of his status as publicity addicted psycho as an excuse which sadly stated by Markus Roebke one of the keeper. Knut is a bear not britney spears! As stupid as it sounds, it even sounds more stupid to come out from a professional animal analysis. Knut does not understand the emotions it is going through because first he is growing and he does not understand why is he being neglected by his foster father Thomas Doerflein and other keepers who cared for him and secondly, how can Knut adapt to the instant isolation from the people he loves. As human even our kids, if we neglected them how do you think our kids will feel? It is sad to see that no one wanted to HELP Knut other than tormenting him constantly. People sending death treat to a bear? People are just so unrealistic to be against a polar bear. A polar bear whom was used for fame and fortune, now Knut is completely being left fighting for himself without any help and care from anyone. Not even the people he loves as whom he consider as his family. If the zoo director has such a backgound of selling illegal animals abroad perhaps they should ask him to resign and appoint someone that actually care for animals for who they are not take advantage of them. Knut is a good example for the public and the zoo all across the world because he is being emotionally traumatize by people who used him for fame and fortune, or for their own necessities not to the well being of the animal.