Chancellor not to be elected until next year?

1st October 2013, Comments 0 comments

“The formation of a new government will probably take months,” reports Die Welt.

 Chancellor not to be elected until next year?
Die Welt

On October 4, Angela Merkel is to meet with leaders of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) to begin what will likely be extended and complex negotiations on a possible grand coalition.

The two parties have numerous differences, particularly with regard to Europe. The SPD is demanding that the Chancellor set aside drastic austerity measures, notably in the countries of southern Europe. Another bone of contention is the increase in taxes on Germany's wealthier citizens, advocated by the SPD and categorically ruled out by the CDU.

According to the polls, a majority of Germans would favour a grand coalition. However, Angela Merkel also plans to meet with Green party leaders. The current government will officially remain in office until October 22, a month after September 22 general elections.

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