British experts recreate face of German composer Bach 250 years on

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It is believed that only one portrait of Bach still exists.

London -- The face of German composer Johann Sebastian Bach, who lived from 1685 to 1750, has been recreated by experts at Dundee University in Scotland more than 250 years after his death.

Forensic artists at the university built up a picture of his appearance using a bronze cast of his skull and documents from the time.

It is believed that only one portrait of Bach, best known for his Lutheran church music, sat for still exists.

The face will go on display at the Bachhaus museum in Bach's hometown of Eisenach in eastern Germany next month.

"We carried out a laser scan of the skull which allowed us to recreate the musculature and skin of the face on our computer system," said Dr Caroline Wilkinson, from the Center for Forensic and Medical Art.

"By assessing the bone structure we can determine facial morphology and produce an accurate picture of his facial appearance."

The team then used an existing portrait of Bach, and documents, which described how his eye problems caused swollen eyelids, to start texturing the face.

"This is really the most complete face that can be built from the available reliable information. As far as we can ascertain, this is how Bach would have looked."

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