Booking a room for an extended stay: telephone vs. online (sponsored contribution)

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A lot of customers are still very sceptical when booking a hotel room or a apartment for a extended stay online. The traditional way of booking these stays via telephone is still very common. But is it the quickest and most comfortable way of booking an extended stay?

Phone reservations - the quickest way?

When booking a hotel room for an extended stay over the phone there are several things to consider. First is the time to call in order to make a booking: Most providers only offer a phone reservation from Monday to Friday from 9am-6pm.
If you have a special request or the time of your extended stay is during a fair or special event the reservation in most cases will have to check with the managing director and will have to call you back. A long process after all.

Online reservations

A few providers have started to offer online reservations for extended stays in the past years. The advantages are many:

  • The time of the booking - via the internet you can book your room 24/7.
  • Constant prices - the prices displayed online are always steady and do not vary during fairs or special events. That way planning becomes very easy and no additional costs will arise.
  • Flexibility - Once the booking is made it can be modified as requested considering the conditions.
  • Instant booking - when booking online it is not necessary to wait for the general manager to confirm the prices displayed. A booking can be confirmed instantly. 
  • Dynamic Pricing - the prices online are always in relation to the length of the stay. That way it is not necessary to request a further discount for a longer stay.
Explaining serviced apartments

The providers are trying to cover all aspects of the apartment online. Derag Livinghotels recently relaunched their homepage and focus on the aspect of explaining the serviced apartments to their customers. Right from the front page the user can choose between the serviced apartments and a normal hotel room. Throughout the pages they explain the serviced apartment and benefits offer. Further information about serviced apartments and the benefits of booking online can be found on

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