Berlin dog owners face tough new law

6th September 2004, Comments 0 comments

6 September 2004, BERLIN - Owning a dog in Berlin is about to become more complicated.

6 September 2004

BERLIN - Owning a dog in Berlin is about to become more complicated.

Berlin's city assembly is expected to pass this week a tough new law for dog owners in the German capital, which will impose additional restrictions on leads and require chips to be implanted behind the animal's ear.

The aim of the chip, which is to apply dogs acquired from January 2005, is to ensure that animals cannot simply be abandoned.

Current dog owners will have five years to make arrangements for the chip which is to be implanted by a veterinary surgeon at a cost of about EUR 35.

At the same time, the new law, which is due to be agreed to Thursday, will require dog owners to arrange personal liability insurance cover.

This applies to all newly purchased dogs from January next year. Existing owners will have until 2010 to sign up for insurance cover, which officials say will cost between EUR 80 and EUR 100 a year.

About 70 percent of dogs are at present covered by insurance with officials claiming that the new rules will provide greater protection for those who fall victim of an unpleasant dog experience in the city.

All German cities have various restrictions on the use of leads when taking dogs in public places. But the Berlin law includes new additional rules for dogs in Germany's capital.

In future, the lead can be two metres long if the dog is more open areas such as in parks, forests or sports grounds. However, when the dog is in more crowded areas such as railway stations, department stores or on public transport or in a demonstration or festival, the dog will have to be a one-metre lead.

The new law also reinforces strict rules on so-called fighting dogs with the owners of 10 particular breeds, including bull terriers and American Staffordshire terriers. This will require the dogs to wear a muzzle outside the home and in general to be on a lead.

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