BMW recalls 4,000 new cars

15th July 2004, Comments 0 comments

BMW recalls 4,000 new cars , 15 July 2004

BMW recalls 4,000 new cars 

15 July 2004

MUNICH - German carmaker BMW said Thursday it is recalling some 4,000 upmarket cars with deficiencies severe enough to possibly cause an accident.

A spokesman said that the BMW cars are the 5-, 6- and 7-series - the car company's upmarket models - as well as those X5 sports utility vehicles with eight- or 12-cylinder petrol engines.

The recall action applies to the cars registered between 13 May and 12 July.

The spokesman said that the problems were traced to a deficient component in the engines' guidance systems, so that there was a danger that engines could simply conk out during a drive.

"The cause of the deficiencies lies clearly with the supplier," the BMW spokesman said about the faulty component.

A further problem in some of the models being recalled could be a failure of the power steering and braking systems.


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