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The Red Relocators


Address: Birkenweg 2, 22395 Hamburg

Tel: +49 172 673 0639

The Red Relocators offer Relocation Services for Germany. Whether you are a company or a private person planning to relocate to Germany - our Relocation Managers will support you!

Find out more about why choosing The Red Relocators!


Relocation Services are tremendously helpful - not only will you save an enormous amount of time, relying on local experts will significantly reduce your perception of the risk involved.

Whether you seek help for your relocation as an individual or you wish to facilitate the arrival of your new employee:


Listed below you find an overview of our relocation services, with detailed information on the different areas. You may book a full-service package or choose specific single services from the portfolio - just as you need it.

Get a first impression of our scope of relocation services for Germany. Our services for Germany cover the whole range of demands by employees just as well as by employers and have a significant impact on the new assignment to be successful for both, employer and employee.

One of the most important factors is the reduction of the employee’s and his/her partner’s anxieties and risk perception. This can be achieved with our relocation services. The level of stress is reduced – trust is built, and more time remains free to spend with the family.

Together with our specialized and renowned partners in the areas of corporate and individual tax consulting, business, employment, immigration, insurance and rental law we can offer a 360° service for your business in Germany. | View website | View on map

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