Top travel scams Berlin

Safety Scouts Advice: Top 5 travel scams in Berlin

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Don't let a scam ruin your time in Germany; let security experts guide you on how to avoid the classic scams designed to part you from your valuables.

Petition pickpockets
Don't sign everything you read! These scams are well developed, for example, young people might offer a fake petition for a deaf association by approaching you with sign language.

Unsolicited ticket helper

If you ever get stuck at a ticket machine, watch to make sure whoever helps you is not after something else. 

Gambling scam
The gambling scam is also known as the 'Three Card Monte'. This scam is very old but unfortunately is still happening.

Cancelled credit card scam

If a stranger approaches you with a suspicious sad story, it's probably best to leave your wallet in your pocket.

Drink spiking
Free drinks aren't always a bonus.


 Reprinted with the permission of Safety Scouts Advice.

Safety Scouts AdviceSafety Scouts Advice is a volunteer video project started by Christophe Gadenne, a former French policeman. His short, animated YouTube videos are free and aim to help prevent tourist scams and fraud, both in Europe and abroad. Find out more on Twitter and Facebook.

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  • David posted:

    on 2nd April 2017, 17:06:38 - Reply

    Great list of some well done videos! :) If I may add from my research on for fellow travellers to Germany, do also beware of fake train ticket inspectors. The fake ones will ask you to pay a fine immediately, whereas real ones can allow you to pay another day by printing out a notice for you.