Liv Hambrett: What I love about Germany

Liv Hambrett: What I love about Germany

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Australian writer Liv Hambrett compiles a list of her favourite things about Germany and its people.

There are many things to celebrate about living in Germany, and all the good things that come with German culture and their local goods. These are just a few of Liv Hambrett's favourite things:

  • Excellently priced wine in the supermarket (you know, EUR 3 for a bottle that would be about AUD 16 in Sydney) – schnäppchen.
  • Hell, the entire, enormous (cheap) dairy department of every supermarket.
  • Nine borders to cross = road trips.
  • Radio stations that aren’t afraid of adding 90s classics to their playlists – who, in fact, do it as a matter of cause.
  • The big cities. The little towns.
  • The bakeries.
  • Kölsch (so fresh!). Glühwein. Hugo (cocktail).
  • Being able to drink all of those delicious beverages in public, whenever and wherever I want. Because I’m an adult, something Germany kindly remembers.
  • How every weekend there is a festival to celebrate something, and at every festival there are 10 pommes stalls, 10 sweets stores and 20 wurst stands.
  • Spring, marvellous spring, with its flowers and rapsfelds and Spargel and sweet, sweet promise of warmth.
  • Summer strawberries.
  • Daylight until 10.30pm in July.
  • Clean public toilets (I’ll pay 70 cents for hygiene).
  • The choice and consequent cheapness of grocery stores. No Coles and Woolworths duopoly here.
  • Kitsch homeware stores, Nanu Nana and Butlers.
  • Buses that run on time.
  • History at every turn, under every rock, down every (sometimes Medieval) cobbled lane.
  • The fierce pride in and protection of sub-cultures, dialects and traditions as produced by the twists and turns of this aforementioned history. (This can, however, get mildly irritating when 10 people who live within 20km of each other refuse to be identified as belonging to the same region. Franconian people, I am looking at you.)
  • And when they lie to me and say ‘du sprichst sehr gut Deutsch!’

Read Liv Hambrett's full list of what she loves about Germany.

Reprinted with permission of Liv Hambrett.

Liv Hambrett: An Australian writer, expat in GermanyLiv Hambrett is an Australian writer and English teacher who is now hopelessly pulled in opposing directions by her home country and adopted home, Germany. She has also spent an unreasonable amount of time on the Greek island Santorini. As a features writer and travel columnist, her work has appeared internationally in print and online. Still dreaming of the time she called North Rhine-Westphalia and Schleswig-Holstein home, she currently lives in Bavaria.

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