Expat in Germany: Leighton Jones on life in Frankfurt

Expat in Germany: Leighton Jones on life in Frankfurt

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Find German difficult to learn, too? British expat Leighton Jones tells us about calorific food and bad weather from his experience of living in Germany.

Name: Leighton Jones.

Nationality: British.

Country of residence: Germany.

How long have you lived here? One year.

City/town of residence: Frankfurt.

Date of birth: 1975-8-07.

Civil status: Divorced.

Occupation: Director, financial services.

Reason for moving to your new country of residence: To relaunch our Frankfurt office.

What was your first impression of your new country of residence?

Extremely friendly, great food but not enjoying the weather!

What do you think of the food?

Fantastically calorific and wholesome – perfect for men, likely a nightmare for ladies!

What do you think of the shopping?

There's everything you need, but I do save my proper shopping for London...

What do you appreciate about living in your new country of residence?

Wherever I've lived I've always enjoyed the new experiences and cultures. The food, wine, customs... all add to the fine tapestry of your life!

What do you find most frustrating about living in your new country of residence?

After living in the Middle East for many years, it has to be the weather!

What puzzles you the most and what do you miss since you've moved here?

Honestly? The German language! Spanish no problem. Italian no problem. German? Makes Welsh look simple... Pass me Rosetta Stone..!

How does the quality of life here compare to the quality of life in other countries that you've lived in?

Nice and normal. And given it's near to England it is nice to have familiar comforts.

If you could change anything about your new country of residence, what would it be?

The language...!

What advice would you give to a newcomer?

Get stuck in. Stepping around the edges of your new community only drags out the inevitable learning curve you have to go through when moving to a new country.

Would you like to add anything that we haven't addressed in the questionnaire?

Germany is one place I'd never really visited and certainly never lived before, but I've been very pleasantly surprised by the people, place and culture.

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  • Amarpreet posted:

    on 21st September 2014, 00:22:27 - Reply

    Hi! I am interested in working in Germany and I don't know the language very well, what advice would you have for finding a job? Thank you!
  • Scott posted:

    on 1st May 2013, 15:55:23 - Reply

    I lived in Frankfurt for five years and I miss it dearly. But not the weather