Private homes for busy people: Temporary and furnished apartments

Private homes for busy people: Temporary and furnished apartments

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Tips and tricks from, the new portal for temporary housing and subleasing. [Contributed by]

Are you seeking a temporary home or do you want to sublet your apartment for a certain period?

As the mobility of workers continues to increase, so too does the need to be able to sublet one's primary residence during lengthy absences. Likewise, there is a growing demand for temporary apartments. The possibility of subletting one's primary apartment can be a decisive factor in deciding whether or not to accept a foreign posting.

Private homes – easier to find, at less expense

Unlike with the ordinary rental market, the supply of private homes for temporary sublease usually still exceeds demand. This makes the search of a temporary apartment much easier than finding an apartment for permanent stay. The majority of those seeking a temporary home via finds a solution after no more than two viewings.

Furthermore, you don’t have to move or buy furniture, when renting a temporary apartment.

And last but not least, private homes are significantly less expensive than an apartment hotel as subletters usually ask only for their actual costs to be covered, and nothing for the furnishings.

Home is more than just a place to stayPrivate homes for busy people

Private homes usually offer more personal charm and are better equipped than standardised hotels or business apartments. Whether you are looking for pliers, a garlic press or a two-way adapter, the chance of finding it in a private home is much higher than in a business apartment.

The style your sub-letter furnished and styled your temporary home might not be exactly yours, but you can be sure the apartment is the most beautiful one for at least one person.

Is temporary subleasing allowed?

Yes, subletting is allowed in Germany, but it does require the consent for the sublease from the landlord. As long as the subletter only covers effective costs and does not make a profit from the sublease, there's a good chance that the landlord will give consent and allow the sublease.

Is subletting safe?

Yes, subletting has proven to be almost always problem-free as long as you pay attention to these basic rules:

  1. It is recommended to run some checks on potential subtenants, such as internet research, employer’s reference, credit check, etc.
  2. Make sure to conclude a sublease contract and to write down the condition of the apartment and the furnishing in a transfer protocol.
  3. Hand over the house keys only after you have received the first rental payment.

Additional information on the right way to sublet as well as many helpful checklists & sample templates are offered by for free.

Do I need professional support to sublet my apartment?

It depends, as different people want different levels of support.

If you are an experienced subletter, you might not need any support. If you are in the role of landlord for the first time, you might have a lot of questions and feel more secure if you get professional support for the questions associated with the practice of the sublease. allows both: Housing providers can advertise their apartments for free and select optional security and support services if they are required.


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