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Become a creative industry leader through a Master's degree in Berlin

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Berlin is a vibrant hub for creative industries and startups — which makes it an ideal city to study and receive a creative industries Master's education. [Contributed by Hochschule Berlin]

When we hear the words 'creative industry', several career paths come to mind. From fashion, advertising, architecture and graphic design — there is no universal answer. But these jobs, although seemingly different at first, share many similarities like the trends, methods and skills they require to succeed. The bbw University of Applied Sciences in Germany understands this concept and sees the necessity of a holistic approach, which they have put into practise through their Management of Creative Industries Master’s Program.

“We provide our Master’s students with the ideal skill set to succeed in this exciting and dynamic economic sector,” explains program founder Prof. Dr. Malte Behrmann. “Our students aim for leadership positions in fashion, design, architecture, marketing, the gaming industry or in their own IT-driven start-ups. We believe that Master's students need oversight more than sector specific knowledge as the subsectors of the creative industries go through dramatic changes.”

The bbw Master’s Program was created to prepare the students for roles in all branches of the Creative Industries, ranging from project manager, innovation manager, social media or community manager, consultant or even as the founder of their own innovative start-up. And what better place to learn than in Berlin? The German capital is a vibrant hub for the creative industry and is world-renowned for its broad spectrum of job and business opportunities that require creative expertise. 

Go for a leadership position in the Creative Industries!

Master's students will be taught varying subjects from Branding over Advanced Information and Communication Technologies to Digital Intellectual Property Management. They will gain hands-on skills and analytical methods to address the disruptive impact that the 'Digital Shift' is having on society, the economy and the media.

“This holistic Master’s Program is definitely needed here in Berlin,” said ndreas Gebhard, the Co-founder of re:publica, one of Europe's largest conferences on the internet and society.

Students will benefit greatly from the tutelage of experienced teachers and professors who have the know-how and business track record to help them understand lessons on human resource methods, strategies of CCI management, strategic financial planning and controlling. The program also encompasses new Sharing Economy and community driven marketing approaches to help prepare the students for the innovative business schemata of the future.

For more information, visit bbw University of Applied Sciences' website or read more about the programme here.


Contributed by Hochschule Berlin 
bbw University of Applied Sciences   


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