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How to help expat children become global-minded citizens of the world

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ISH shares the education techniques they use to guide students into becoming global citizens as a premier international school in Germany. [Contributed by International School of Hamburg]

In today’s globalised world, it becomes increasingly crucial to get along with different cultures and to think like a global citizen. The sooner your child gets to know and be around a multicultural, global environment, the more he or she gets used to being part of a mosaic of cultures and learns how to get along with different nationalities. In turn, he will feel confident to go out in the world and achieve academic and professional success. 

The International School of Hamburg (ISH) shares its 60 years of experience on building internationally-minded students. With more than 56 nationalities among their student body, ISH prepares students for global citizenship: Their mission is to provide them with a values-driven international education which seeks to develop their full potential.

A mosaic of nations - Many languages - One community

International School Hamburg: Top International schools in Germany

ISH, with its 60 years of experience in educating ‘citizens of the world’, has learned that there is a range of components which are key to preparing a child for global citizenship.

For example, ISH has introduced the so-called Mother Tongue Programme as research shows that the development of the student’s mother tongue or first language (usually the language spoken at home) is critical for their cognitive development. Children who have not fully developed a first language can experience language-based cognitive difficulties later on. Therefore, ISH supports students who cannot be provided with formal tuition in their mother tongue during school hours by organizing Mother Tongue classes outside the school curriculum using school facilities at the end of a regular school day.

As well, ISH regards it as crucial that students and parents feel at home at the school and become part of the school community right away. Therefore, ISH came up with the WISH team. The WISH Team is a comprised team of parents who will not only provide all the necessary information relevant to your children’s age and grade, but also assist you in successfully navigating your way through your first year at ISH.

Yearly events at ISH such as the highly popular International Fair, the College Day and the Student Exchange Fair offer interesting and fun ways to learn about different cultures and their customs.

The highly qualified, experienced ISH teachers and administrators from all over the world add to the mosaic of nations and create a vibrant, nurturing, student-centered learning experience. The International School of Hamburg is extremely proud of its strong teacher-student ratio: 110 teachers on staff make sure that 750 students get the best education and care possible. Student support teachers and counselors make sure students always have an opportunity to address any issues or worries they may have.

International School Hamburg: Top International schools in Germany

Opening the door to a successful global career

Possibly the best preparation for a career in international business, academia or any field which requires global, open-minded thinking, is the International Baccalaureate (IB). The International School of Hamburg combines the IB, the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). All three programs are globally recognized curricular models which foster high academic standards as well as critical thinking, creativity, a spirit of independent enquiry, and international-mindedness.

Taking a school tour or to talking to the Admissions office is the best way to find out more about The International School of Hamburg. They are happy to answer any question you may have and help you figure out if an education at an International school is the right fit for your child.

To book a tour or to speak with Admissions at ISH, please email Ms. Bissonnette at or call at +49 40 800050-133.  

International School Hamburg: Top International schools in Germany


Contributed by International School of Hamburg
International School Hamburg: Top International schools in Germany

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