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Last update on November 07, 2019

The Old World has some very appealing aspects which were largely lost in the journey to the New. One of those is the open air street market.

They are one of the nicest aspects of life in many European countries but rarely seen the other lands where the supermarket and mall are king. Berlin has some delightful open air markets. There you will find the opposite of the soul-less supermarket world of endless shelving patrolled by automatons.

In the theatre of food the street market is one of the great sets. The food set out in daylight looks, and I am sure is, fresher, healthier and more alive than its supermarket counterparts sweating out their last hours between polystyrene and plastic wrap.

The people at the stalls are cheery and remember the regulars, although I suspect I am not hard to pick: “Here comes the guy with the baby, the border collie and the bad German.”

Berlin’s wide variety of street markets

And they always toss in a few more slices or a couple of bits of fruit for the baby and often a nibble for the hound. By the way, you are not meant to have your dog in the street market, an odd rule given they are welcome in restaurants, cafes and many food stores. So if you want an escape from the world of trolleys and check outs here are a few of Berlin’s best street markets: Winterfeldtplatz (Schoneberg): Open Wed and Sat 0800-1400

A place to shop and a place to meet. Probably the best range of stalls anywhere in Berlin and very popular. You can get there with the U2, U1 or U15, get off at Nollendorfplatz and walk about 100 metres down Maassenstrasse – or the U7 to Eisenacher Strasse and walk along Goltzstr. Preussenallee (Charlottenburg): Tues and Fri 0800-1400

If you’re based out west near Westend you’ll find a good range of fresh produce, delicatessen goods, poultry and fresh flowers. Krummestrasse(Charlottenburg): Wed and Sat 0800-1400

Smallish but good. Take the U7 to Wilmersdorfer Strasse Turkish market (Kreuzberg): Tues and Fri 10-1800

Good selection and good prices and the butchers in the region probably have the best value on lamb, for carnivores who have lost confidence in European beef. Take the U8 to Schonleinstr. Okomarkt Domane (Dahlem): Sat 0800 to 1300

An organic market selling fresh produce and other goods such as ceramics. You will find it across the road from the U1 station, Dahlem Dorf.