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Benita von Kalm
Benita von Kalm

Need some help.
I own and I am the Geschaftuhrer of a company in Germany for 10 years.
Unfortunately the business has no more clients and will in 2018 have virtually no income other than interest on loans it has given so at the end of this year 2017 I need to fire myself but I will still need to be the managing director in 2018 as the company still has a lot of cash in it - enough for another year's income.
I note I have been paying social security payments the whole time including unemployment benefits.
Can I get unemployment benefits? or can I claim the unemployment benefits I have been paying the last 10 years back? Who would you recommend holding my hand through this process? Look forward to hearing from you

by Martin Beesley on 01 Dec 2017 Read Answer
Benita von Kalm
Benita von Kalm


For the past 9 months I have been servicing one of my company's clients in Germany. I was just informed that due to restructuring my position is no longer needed and will be terminated. I moved to Germany from USA in January to service this client. At that time I signed a Letter of Assignment that 'supplemented' my existing Employee Agreement. I have worked with this company for 9 years, serving various roles. I am seeking advice on next steps, the process to returning to USA and guidance on possible recourse.

Thank you

by Sterling Parks on 29 Sep 2017 Read Answer
Benita von Kalm
Benita von Kalm

I am doing a project on German culture and I was wondering about holidays. What would you say are Germany's mainly celebrated holidays? There are many listed and I want to highlight on the most important ones.

by Reagan Bryan on 16 May 2017 Read Answer
Xavier Martinez Salcedo
Xavier Martinez Salcedo

My name is Diana and I am 29 years old lawyer by profession and living in Romania. Because the economic situation I would like to work in Germany and I need help to guide me in finding a job. I worked in international trade as an export trading company computer and now French translator.Waiting for your answer to guide me in choosing the right job that gives me a real chance to find work. Thanks a lot! Diana

by Diana on 27 Sep 2010 Read Answer
Xavier Martinez Salcedo
Xavier Martinez Salcedo


I'm in the process of filling out the ymv, and am unsure how to fill out the part which asks if there have been any convictions in any countries.

I have only a couple minor offenses that might pop on my record. But I don't know if that's lying if I omit listing them. Can you please tell me what exactly they mean with "convictions"? Should I just check 'No'? Or does the consulate usually check routinely, which would end up with a refusal of my visa.

Thank you so much for the help,

by Roman Langis on 12 Jul 2009 Read Answer

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