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See Switzerland through the eyes of young people

Published on July 26, 2019

Using just a smartphone and their imagination, the Swiss Generation Z have shown us in pictures what they think about different topics that influence their lives in Switzerland. 

swissinfo.ch wanted to know what this generation expects, feels, and thinks about a world in which they grew up, using digital tools to make a public statement on their own lives, and then share it with people around the globe.

For today’s 18 to 24-year-olds terrorism, environmental issues and climate change are burning issues. So, what does the generation that stepped out of the shadow of the millennials, think about their lives in Switzerland?

In German-speaking Switzerland, 70% of 15 to 25-year-olds think it’s a good thing that young people take part in demonstrations demanding a change to climate policy.

Consumerism is a hot topic for Gen Z, but they also recognise the immediate need for global action on climate change. Here in Switzerland, fewer people own a car or are able to drive – they wait longer before learning to drive for various reasons, including the continued improvement of public transport and the rising costs of owning a car.

Love actually

In Switzerland, among the things that the first truly digital and tech-native generation consider “in” – or cannot do without on a daily basis – are services such as WhatsApp, YouTube, email, Instagram and streaming platforms like Spotify or Netflix. With the internet came freedom to talk more about the differences in culture, sexuality, relationships and gender.

So what do Generation Z think of their relationships, family and the country they live in – their “Heimat” (homeland): Switzerland.

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