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Government plans to restrict sale of explosive chemicals

Published on January 20, 2020

The sale of more than 100 chemical products which can be used to produce bombs will be subjected to restrictions in Switzerland. 

The government proposal, which still needs approval by parliament, is in line with European Union regulations introduced in 2014 in a bid to prevent terrorist attacks. 

“The new rules for potential explosives will increase security in Switzerland,” the government said on Wednesday. 

The chemicals include hydrogen peroxide, acetone and nitrate that are found in cleaning liquids, solvents or fertiliser. 

Under the legal amendment, the purchase of such products in high concentration form by private individuals will be subject a licence by the Federal Police Office

Exceptions are allowed for farmers buying fertiliser or other professional users of these chemical substances, according to the statement. 

The government said it relied on self-responsibility and awareness of the risks among the professional users. 

Over the past three years, 57 cases of suspected abuse of chemical substances have been reported to the federal authorities.