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Last update on December 10, 2018

Kerrin of MyKugelhopf visits a traditional farm in St Gallen to experience the concept ‘Brunch on Farm’ held every Swiss National Day.

One thing I love about Zürich is the omnipresence of both the Swiss and Zürich canton flags; they hang from buildings and homes in the old town all across the city, along the lake and river, perched proudly on cars and trams or are patches sewn into locals’ clothing, bags and other accessories.

You can imagine my delight during the Swiss National holiday when these flags show up in a range of guises. Food products are also cooked or baked into the shape of the Swiss cross or in the colours of red and white. Just recently, August 1st marked the national holiday here, commemorating the Helvetic Confederation’s 718th birthday.

Brunch on the Farm in Switzerland

Swiss FlagBesides Swiss National Day fireworks and celebrations held all over the country, hundreds of farms across Switzerland also open to the public for the holiday with ‘Brunch on the Farm‘.

You reserve a spot, pay around CHF 25-40 and can enjoy the setting, food, music and any other festivities held on the farm you choose between 9am and 1pm.

We chose a farm with traditional production methods (and animals for my four-year-old nephew to pet) in the canton of St Gallen, towards the Austrian border. It was a beautiful drive from Zürich (about an hour), with a truly representative landscape of Switzerland – rolling green hills, so smooth and clean, cows grazing upon them, their bells ringing as they moved and sunflower fields, all with the red and white of the Swiss flag dotting the entire landscape.

Paying what you want for farm produce

My favourites were the signs off the sides of the road, letting us know we could stop to pick up fresh berries, plums, sunflowers or eggs using a system that perhaps might not work as well elsewhere: you take what you want and leave money for it. Stands unattended, prices marked and functioning on the honour code: What do you think of that?

Brunch on the farmWe arrived at the home of Beatrix and Stefan Stark in Schuepis, Waldkirch. On the grounds of beautiful apple orchards and cherry trees, a tent was put up for the occasion. Long tables were piled high with platters of cheese (Appenzeller), dried meats, colourful hard-boiled eggs, fresh breads, butter, homemade jams and local honey. Another buffet was set up with Rösti, scrambled eggs and Birchermüsli as well.

Seeing the Swiss farm animals

The farm brunch would not have been complete without paying a visit to the animals: rabbits, calves, geese, pigs, sheep and (smiling) goats. We said a big thank you to the cows in particular for their delicious milk, which we drank warm and appreciated in the unctuous butter which we (very) generously spread on our bread. On our way out, we admired the vegetable garden as well, with zucchini flowers, beets, tomatoes, lettuce and carrots.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the next ‘Brunch on the Farm’, as reservation spaces are limited.

Reprinted with permission from Kerrin Rousset of MyKugelhopf.
Published 2009; updated by Expatica 2016.