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Last update on January 07, 2020

We put together a list of places that offer a great alternative to staying home – from Geneva to Villars-sur-Ollon.


Black Pearl:

Every GIHE student with self-respect parties in the BP on Thursday night 😉 Just joking. Still,  recently refurnished and re-designed, it is one of the most popular nightclubs in Montreux. Thursdays are dedicated to Glion students but otherwise people from the whole region usually party there. Quite a large dance floor, a large bar and a nice stage. Clientele is around 20 and above.

Taboo Bar

The perfect ingredients to enjoy the beginning of the weekend can be found in this bar/lounge: nice interior, good music, and most of all, very good drinks and shots! (I love their strawberry daiquiri.) There are also some geographical advantages to this place: it is located near the lac which is beautiful during the summer, when you can enjoy the view.


Harry’s New York Bar



It is funny to discover that one of the biggest clubs in Switzerland is located in the middle of nowhere. A lot of concerts take place in this nightclub and, believe it or not, DJs also perform there. But the main clientele are Glion students, who organize approximately two parties a month in the club. “Disco night” is a great night for partying in the Globulle. The dance floor is very big and spacious and the interior is “not too bad”.


This local bar/club is pretty old-fashioned but it is the place where all the students from Glion go to party from Tuesdays to Saturdays so, obviously, I had to mention it…

Le Buro

A very unusual place if you take into consideration that it is located in a village like Bulle. It is divided into different rooms: a restaurant, a bar, a terrace and a concert room. They serve very good food during lunch time such as wraps, salads, sandwiches etc. During the evening they entertain their guests with some very popular afterwork parties (I have never seen so many Bulle residents gathered somewhere after 9 PM 😉 ).


Mad Club

Located in the very new and trendy area of Lausanne, it is one of the most famous clubs in Switzerland. Known for the many dance floors and music styles it provides, the Mad nightclub is often hosting famous DJs. The clientele starts from 20+ and I would describe it with only 1 word: c – r – a – z – y. They sell paninis and sandwiches in the club, which I think is pretty cool…

Cafe St Pierre

I discovered the cafe/bar last Summer and really enjoyed it. The interior is original and prices are not too expensive compared to Switzerland in general. I had the “strawberry amaretto sour” and fell in love with this cocktail. They also serve tapas and other stuff to eat. The music is cool and I would describe the staff as ”artistic”. The best bar I’ve been to in Lausanne so far, thanks to the great spirit of the place and the clientele.

D Club

This nightclub is located in the center of Lausanne and mainly attracts students from surrounding universities such as EHL, HEC, Unil, etc… Many universities host their private events in this club. The music can be both very good and very bad, depending on your mood, I guess. The dance floor is quite narrow but that is not an excuse not to party.

Box Club

If you know the “Planches” nightclub in Paris, I think of the Box in the same way: it attracts too many too young people and the dance floor is too small. But it is a popular address for party animals so you can always try (I can’t hide it: it is not my favourite).


Floor Two

I went there once and really liked the place. The decor is new, trendy, cozy, and definitely entertaining. I believe anyone who goes for a drink or to party will have a great evening. Even though drinks are expensive, it is worth it and “normal” considering you’re partying in a 5 star place.

Java Club


Moonboots Bar-Lounge

Organised around the “moonboots” shoes, this original and trendy bar/loungehosts some special themed nights such as “mojito nights” and “Disney night”. They also have some DJs coming to entertain you live. The ambiance is very cozy thanks to sofas and the staff is great and friendly. The prices in general are okay considering that the drinks are very good and original! I recommend the “raspberry explosion” (vodka-based long drink with fresh raspberries and other fruits).

Charlie’s Bar

Welcome to a cowboy-style bar! Perfect place to hang out after a ski day and order yourself a fresh cold beer whilst gathering/chatting with friends. English people love it and so do the students from the surounding boarding schools.

Music Festivals

  • Montreux Jazz Festival – Montreux
  • Festival de la Cite – Lausanne
  • Caprices Festival – Crans Montana
  • Les Classiques de Villars – Villars sur Ollon
  • Paleo Festival – Nyon
  • Cully Jazz – Festival